Mancode Skin Corrector Facial Serum for Men 50ml

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Free radical damage using a face serum can reverse the process of aging and the good news is that its never too late! serum with antioxidant boosting ingredients such as cucumber and vitamin c; or hydrating ingredients such as aloe vera greatly reduces the appearance of aging. Brightens complexion serums provide an overall, brighter complexion and an even skin tone, repairing the layers of skin with even the most stubborn scars and damage. Diminishes acne scars acne is something that affects 80% of the population at some point in an individuals life. A good serum can reduce even old acne scaring from those days of puberty. Limits breakouts face serums are great for this issue because they are highly hydrating. The more healthy-Hydration your skin receives, the less oil your skin will need to produce. Package content: 1 skin corrector facial serum; quantity: 50 ml

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